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Happy! [Complete] Season 01 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Web Rip 720p [180MB] Hevc

You are Here to Download Happy! [Complete] Season 01 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Web Rip 720p [180MB] Hevc Full Movie. and Available in Multiple Format 480p 720p 1080p 4k HD Hevc x264 and x265 . This Movies Genre is Based on Netflix Series Hindi Dubbed, Web Tv Series. This Film/Movie Also Available in Dual Audio. You Can Get Direct Google Drive Link with High Speed Below.

Disgraced police detective Nick Sachs (Christopher Maloney) lives as a social boycott, moonlighting his days as a hitman to feed his various habits, with heavy drinking and substance abuse. After a massive heart attack, Nick comes into contact with a small, blue, winged unicorn named Happy (voiced by an animated character Patton Oswalt), who apparently only can see him. Happy explains that he is a fictional friend of a little girl named Hailey, whom Santa Claus has “Very Bad Santa” “A deranged man dressed as a deranged man is kidnapped. Happy revealed that Hailey is Nick’s daughter, and Nick sought help assuring her to be the hero policethat Hailey imagined her to be. Although skeptical at first, Nick reluctantly agrees and both work to save Hailey.

अपमानित पुलिस जासूस निक सैक्स (क्रिस्टोफर मेलोनी) एक सामाजिक बहिष्कार के रूप में रहता है, अपने दिनों को भारी पीने और मादक द्रव्यों के सेवन के साथ, अपनी विभिन्न आदतों को खिलाने के लिए हिटमैन के रूप में चांदनी। बड़े पैमाने पर दिल का दौरा पड़ने के बाद, निक एक छोटे, नीले, पंखों वाले गेंडा के साथ संपर्क में आता है जिसका नाम हैप्पी (एक एनिमेटेड चरित्र पैटन ओसवाल्ट द्वारा आवाज दी गई) है, जो जाहिर तौर पर केवल वह ही देख सकता है। हैप्पी बताते हैं कि वह हैली नाम की एक छोटी लड़की के काल्पनिक दोस्त हैं, जिसे सांता क्लॉस (“वेरी बैड सांता”) के रूप में कपड़े पहने एक विक्षिप्त व्यक्ति ने अपहरण कर लिया है। हैप्पी ने खुलासा किया कि हैली निक की बेटी है, और निक ने उसे हीरो पुलिस होने का विश्वास दिलाते हुए मदद मांगी कि हैली ने उसे होने की कल्पना की। हालांकि पहली बार में संदेह है, निक अनिच्छा से सहमत हैं और दोनों हैली को बचाने के लिए काम करते हैं।

Series Information:
Series Name:  Happy!
Release: TV Series (2017– )
Quality: 480p & 720p HD
Running Time: 1h
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Type: Action, Comedy, Crime
Encoded By: moviesrush

Happy! [Complete] Hindi Dubbed Episodes Web Rip 480p 720p Download

Season 01

Episode 01 : Saint Nick
720p – Mirror_Links

A hit-man is forced to partner with an imaginary blue-winged unicorn to rescue a missing child.

Episode 02 : What Smiles Are For
720p – Mirror_Links

In search of guns and money to escape New York, Sax crashes a high stakes poker game. Happy tries to convince Sax that he’s a father. Sax’s exes team up in an attempt to locate Hailey.

Episode 03 : When Christmas Was Christmas
720p – Mirror_Links

While tracking his daughter, Sax remembers his dark past. Merry and Amanda make a chilling discovery. Hailey is coerced into spilling information about her dad.

Episode 04 : Year of the Horse
720p – Mirror_Links

Sax and Happy follow the trail to Chinatown. Blue’s sister wants revenge for the death of her sons. Merry closes in on Very Bad Santa.

Episode 05 : White Sauce? Hot Sauce?
720p – Mirror_Links

Sax and Happy go separate ways following a destructive family reunion; Merry is under investigation by Internal Affairs; and Hailey and children are introduced to a far more terrifying prison.

Episode 06 : The Scrapyard of Childish Things
720p – Mirror_Links

Sax stumbles on a new plan to achieve his daughter’s release. Happy finds solace in the arms of another imaginary friend.

Episode 07 : Destroyer of Worlds
720p – Mirror_Links

Sax and Happy are finally reunited and make a renewed push to find Hailey. Amanda gets in to trouble as she pursues a dangerous lead alone. Blue and Isabella feud over a dark family secret.

Episode 08 : I Am the Future
720p – Mirror_Links

As Christmas approaches, Sax and Happy are locked in a climactic confrontation to rescue Hailey from Very Bad Santa’s lair. Merry seeks to rescue Amanda from a dangerous foe.

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